Celestial Connections is a multi-sensory interactive exhibition that invites you to embark on a captivating sensorial journey through the mysteries of the stars and the depths of personal introspection. The project comes alive with the question “How would it feel to interact with the stars with our other senses than seeing?” /“Other than observing, which other senses can we use to interact with the stars?” .  Inspired by “Living with the Stars”, written by Karen and Iris Schrijver, it draws from the profound idea of humans coming from stardust.
The exploration journey starts with an  interactive tunnel, where the audience can experience four immersive options in four distinct stations, each one engaging a different sense and allowing you to embark on a journey within their inner self.
Richard Serra
Richard Serra
Serpentine Summer House / Barkow Leibinger
Serpentine Summer House / Barkow Leibinger
The Touch Station features four interactive walls, each adorned with hypothetical textures inspired by the stars. By reaching out and touching these surfaces, we encourage you to explore how close you can get to “touching the stars” and your inner stardust particles.
The “Sound” exhibition  Design Museum Holon
The “Sound” exhibition Design Museum Holon
The Sound Station welcomes the audience with four cozy egg-chairs with speakers inside, inviting them onto a captivating journey through four experimental audio compositions. Each audio offers an interpretation of the musical representation of the stars, if we could hear them. Audiences can enjoy the mysteries hidden within the celestial orchestra while stargazing the cosmos upon their heads.
The Smell Station prepares you to be enchanted by the scents of the cosmos. Sealed jars contain carefully curated aromas that are inspired by the stars and if you let these aromas ignite your senses, they will hopefully resonate with your memories while gazing at your inner self.
Finally, the Taste Station: a culinary exploration of the stars with a selection of flavours carefully crafted to embody the essence of celestial objects and phenomena. By indulging in these celestial flavours, you will embark on a gustatory adventure that intertwines the cosmos with your own sensory experience.
At the end of the interaction tunnel, the audience can enjoy some stargazing in the crafted simulation of a dark night sky. To complete the experience, a commentary about their journey’s choices concludes this sensory experience and enhances a deeper understanding of their inner self.

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