Serenity Spectrum is an interactive installation acting as a reminder for the audience to allocate time for themselves amid the distractions of the outside world. This experience offers a private time and space and aims at transforming the individual’s heartbeats into different sensory experiences, allowing them to stay in the present moment and experience their unconventional self-reflection.
While individual’s heartbeats are converted to harmonical music, the estimated breathings are also changing the light frequencies to enhance the momentary experience of breathing with the space.
A special detail of the installation are the walls  made from one-sided mirrors that respond to light. This creates an enchanting experience where private spaces’ lights react to individuals’ breaths, brightening with each inhalation, causing the mirror’s reflection to blur and then clear with each exhalation.
Captivating such interplay of light and reflection added a unique dimension to the space, leaving audiences mesmerized by its interactive, ever-changing, and immersive environment for both private and public interactions.
Idea Generation
Idea Generation
Idea Generation for  Exhibition Space
Idea Generation for Exhibition Space

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