The System of Chance is an artistic interpretation of the uniqueness of the information process that occurs in the human body. This is achieved through the use of projection mapping and reflections. Although the inputs to this process may be the same for every human, the output is inevitably different and unique for each individual. 
The human body is a balanced and complex system, that each organ and cell working together in perfect harmony and communication. From a physical standpoint, the basic working principles of the body is the same for every human as the lungs for breathing and the heart for pumping blood, etc. However, when we delve deeper, each human's body is born from a system of chance, making each of us completely unique and incomparable to anyone else. As a following statement of the physical and genetic differences, the way of each individuals mind and emotions are also working uniquely. 

Block lights are the representing the block input, and the reflections on the curvy threads are to show process in the individuals mind. Colourful reflectives are there to expresses the shine and unique sparkles for each individual.

"We can’t control systems or figure them out. But we can dance with them!"
​Dancing With Systems by Donella Meadows
"System of Chance" is a profound and thought-provoking project that gives us a glimpse into the wonder and complexity of the human body, an experimental representation of how humans' receive the block information and processes them to spread the beauty of uniqueness.
The research phase of this project, check; Human vs Computer.

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